One Post of Reflexions, That's All

Up until a day or two ago, I wasn't sure how to handle the last couple days of this site. I thought about going through everything and making a giant post of "Best Of" articles, but that would take a big chunk of time to realize we never produced anything good. I thought about taking the day off today just to post a ton of crap for the hell of it.

And I thought of sharing some thoughts; about Bertflex, about me, and about life in general. The old me would have handled it all a little differently. Lucky for you, I'll keep my mouth shut this one time only.

I do a lot of rambling on here anyway, so I'm stepping aside for the Big Sandwich. The one thing I didn't want was a long, drawn out process of sad goodbyes. We're just a dumb little website, after all. But after reading this, I felt BS did an excellent job of summing up our thoughts of what the site was all about. Here is a scripture from the Book of Big Sandwich:

I really did enjoy our little piece of cyber domination with Bertflex. Unless you knew us personally, you probably didn't care about what we wrote about but I think our main motivator was self-absorption and our love of our own perceived awesomeness. For me, Bertflex was a way to keep up with the dorky lifestyles of my friends that I couldn't see regularly. Even though my contributions were few and far between, I believe my anecdotes about autographed Eddie Taubensee bats and hooking up with cougars fit seamlessly into this cyber reality we call our lives. I am proud of the way Hazelwood's Most Wanted continually churned out content to keep our site relevant while the rest of us slacked off. I will never retire my Bertflex jersey, I wear it more often than you would think. Bertflex made our dorky adventures and outings more official: Bertflex night at D & B's, Bertflex 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest, Bertflex trip to K.C., Skanksgiving at Al Hrabosky's, etc. Big ups to Bert Pujols, bacon, wiffleball, Todd Jones baseball cards, B dubs, fantasy sports, and anything else that inspired us. We turn the page on this chapter of our dorky lives but this book is far from being finished.

Phenomenal. Well said, Sammich.

We do have one special treat from the remaining cast of Bertflex coming up later today, so check back sometime this afternoon. Other than that, we'll say 'peace out' tomorrow and turn out the lights.

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