My weekend in the 'Nati

Cincinnati is known as the "Queen City", I really don't know why, but I know that I sure got the "royal" treatment this past weekend. While making a return visit to see my sister and her fiance I took in the sights and celebrity that Cincy has to offer. Here is a short photographic highlight reel for those who couldn't attend.

Hofbrauhaus Beer Garden- Thomas and I each got a sampler of the homemade beers. They have a house polka band and they serve Bavarian cuisine (fried bolgna sandwich on the menu!) Waitress' wear short ass black skirts and we are lucky enough to get the "heavy" girl. Thomas orders a suspect looking bbq sandwich and proceeds to get food poisoning. I skip eating and go with a liter of beer for my main course.

Trader's World- BIG ASS FLEA Market. The white trash side of me was in heaven, as you could find anything under the sun here including : Barry Larkin baseball cards for days, car stereos, deep fried oreos, whitesnake cassette tapes, and the outdoor game of choice in Ohio CORNHOLE! Which is like washers but with beanbags, the sign immediately reminds me of the Upright Citizens Brigade sketch about "ass pennies"!

More Trader's World- this picture speaks for itself.

The random sports memorabilia shop at the Cincy Mills- Thomas pumped me up for this place and I wasn't disappointed. Look at the disbelief on my face as I hold up a Travis Lee lunchbox! What you probably can't make out is the price tag on this gem. There is an original price of $9.99, but surprisingly, no one was biting on it so they marked it down to $3.99. What horrible parent would send their child to school with this?

More from the random sports store - Your eyes do not deceive you, that is the real thing baby! I've only heard stories of the mythological creature that is the Eddie Taubensee autographed bat, but now I am a believer. I can only imagine he signed this after his "career" year back in '99 with the Reds where he put up 21 bombs, 87 rib's, and a very respectable .311 avg. That price is maybe the most absurd thing I have ever seen.

Cracker Barrel - "The" Tom Jackson apprently lives in the Cincy area and I swear I did a triple take as we were walking into the Cracker Barrel, there he was sitting on a bench outside reading a newspaper. He had sunglasses on, so I wasn't completely sure it was him. But my suspicions were quickly lifted as the hostess announced Jackson party of 3, and who comes hobbling inside but the Bronco's 3 time Pro-Bowl linebacker. I didn't approach him for fear that his "supreme football know-how" might rub off and make me even less successful in my upcoming fantasy football draft.


Anonymous said...

justin, i'll be real disappointed if you didn't bring that travis lee lunchbox back home with you.

and eddie taubensee was referenced a few weeks ago...he is the only major leaguer to come out of tom emanski's back to back to back amateur teams. or at least he played for the defensive drills master in the past.

also, you should have bugged tom jackson for at least a picture. then right when the camera is about to be clicked, you blurt out "theh ooaklaahhnd raaaidaazzz" in your best swami voice. he might have punched you in the face, making for a great photo.

Anonymous said...

"Tom Jackson from...Cincinnatti". That Travis Lee lunchbox is awesome! Beats the hell out of my old G.I. Joe one that my parents sent me off with. And I couldn't believe my eyes; Diabetic Socks!!! My life could have been fulfilled with a pair of diabetic socks and a Taubensee autographed bat. That $99 bat beats the $20 Davey Lopes autographed ball that I spotted in Peoria.

I'm going to Madison in a couple of weeks. Expect some crazy pictures from that too. At the Essen Haus you drink beer from a boot. 'Nuff said.