A Classy BertFlex Shindig To-Night (Linx, Stuff, Junk)

There's a private party over at the Librarian's crib later tonight; we're celebrating the big Carp comeback. Because of some favors I owe her, right this second, I'm getting my butler clothes ready to serve hors d'oeuvres and park cars. Looks like a lot of VIP's on the guest list, so I've got to wear my best designer jorts. While I'm doing that, you do this:

-This week's InsideSTL column. If you don't have any jackass trade proposals for the Cardinals, hurry up and read this. And comment. Tell me you love me. You love me, right?

-The Good Face has a column up for The Sporting News. Towards the top, he makes a reference to his sucky year in the Hardcore League. It's funny how he does so well (or at least he claims) in his other fantasy leagues, but when it's time to take on the big boys, he turns into the Washington Generals.

He does know the correct "best things to come out of THE Hazelwood West" rankings, so he's not so bad after all.

-Seeing Eye Strikeout is going well. If you or any of your friends know yur baseball good, we, er...they could use some writers.

-Mizzourah wants to see the Askren Bros. on Monday Night Raw. Any reference to the Rockers' Barbershop incident will be linked here from now on.

-Miss Librarian is amused by the phrase "Ballcock." Wha? Huh? I don't get it...

-Even more blogs from female friends of the site: Lottie (an' it looks loike sheee's in Choina! Oi!) and Melissa. If nothing else, go to the poll at the top of Melissa's blog and flood the votes for bowling!

Good Lord, that's seven links. Nothing new with Annie Fresh. Hope I didn't miss anything.

Time to pick up my dry cleaning. What the heck, here's one more link in hopes Carp regains his old form over the next couple months.

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