Carpenter Has All The Tools/Sign Guy Has None Of The Funny

This was as perfect of a game that Chris Carpenter could have pitched. Coming off the Kenny Rogers saga, the Cardinals needed to go out and dominate game three. They pretty much did, even though the score was close for most of the game. With a 2-0 lead, there was little doubt that Carp would give up anything to the Tigers. He was so good getting ahead of hitters, and wasted very little time mowing through his eight innings of work. During the post-game, Chris gave credit to Dunc, Molina, and even Gary Bennett for the well-prepared game plan.

Overall the bats were still quiet, but not very necessary in a game like this. It wasn't good to see the Tiger bullpen get out of a few jams, as it could have easily been a 8 or 10 run victory for the Cardinals. I'd like to see some Crush Duncan for game four, and wouldn't mind seeing So getting another start in the outfield.

Next up is Jeff Suppan; is he up for another ice cold performance? He goes against Jeremy Bonderman Wednesday at Busch. Once again, there is a chance of a rain delay or even a rainout. For you out-of-towners, check out what Paul Goodloe has to say at www.weather.com.

The only blemish in game three was when Albert Pujols killed Pudge Rodriguez. Come on Bert, I know Kenny Rogers cheated, but this wasn't the way to get back at the Tigers. You always hate to see this much violence in any game, let alone the World Series.

This picture reminds me of when The Rock turned heel back in '98; standing over Mick Foley as he lie there in agonizing pain. Oh well, I think Brandon Inge can catch, so the Tigers will be fine.

There was a blemish off the field and his name is Sign Guy. Stealing a line from Frank Caliendo (impersonating Terry Bradshaw): Sign Guy is NOT Funnah! NOT Funnah Sign Guy...NOT Funnah."

And because I haven't done it for this series yet:

Menu: Excellent pulled pork BBQ sandwich w/ waffle fries. It was dripping with barbeque sauce. I should have had two, that was a crucial mistake on my part. I'll do better next time.

Get Your Boots Out For Game Four: Billy Ray Cyrus will be IN THE BUILDING!

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Anonymous said...

We just had Billy Ray Cyrus at our casino about six weeks ago. Not something I like to admit, but it's the truth. He is also sans mullet, and now is a ringer for Johnny Damon.