Scrappiest RBI Win Evar

I know less than one or two of you will actually be impressed by this, but here is a screen shot of an RBI game I won over the weekend.

Being the RBI Legend that I am, I decided to use the crap-tastic Cardinals against the computer's AL All-Stars. Any normal HMW vs. CPU game is over pretty quickly (insert more Big Head losing his virginity jokes here), but this was one of those 1-in-1000 No Way in Fuckin' Hell games that Nintendos are famous for. It has happened to the best of us, in pretty much every game. Sometimes the Nintendo connects to the NWIFH chip inside the system; you lose - it happens.

Anyway, there I was making a big 7th inning comeback, only to lose it in the bottom half, tie it in the 8th, then get my ass handed to me: the AL hit five bombs in the bottom of the 8th. Instead of getting pissy and hitting the reset button (like some Freshman year RA's would do...or give the controller a good clubberin'), I proceeded to channel my inner Whitey-ball and unload my scrappiness on the AL squad with a barrage of extra base hits, hustle, and intangibles. Lots of intangibles. But seven runs? How sick is that?

I was playing groove ball vs. the computer, and decided to lift that during the 9th. I turned the tables, and there was no way in fuckin' hell I was going to lose a heart breaker like this. Todd Worrell shut the door and it was another win for the good guys.

My RBI resume is pretty impressive, but wins like this build character. Last but not least...why did you read this entire article?


Anonymous said...

I didn't know it was possible for the computer to win. Hell, I didn't know that it went past three innings.

Anonymous said...

i didn't know your nintendo worked more than three minutes, stupid face!