Bernie's Bits

Note: These are not actually the thoughts of Bernie Miklasz – thank God. It’s just an experiment to see if I can get some cheap clicks from confused Googlers. Now, on to the bullet points …

-- I was out of commission/doing time during the whole “boo Jim Edmonds” argle-bargle. By all accounts, he received a warm reception in his first at-bat, which is as it should have been. The hatred that some Cardinals fans feel for the Cubs is misguided at best and just plain stoopid at worst. If you feel “betrayed” because some professional athlete chooses to work for a team that you have conditioned yourself to loathe, you need to step away from the sportstalk radio and wash off the facepaint. I’m talking to you, Overenthusiastic Fan in Section 129.

-- Kudos to the WWE for going with a youth movement on their flagship show, RAW. Putting the belt on CM Punk and trading out Jim Ross (who, admittedly, is the Excellence of Execution when it comes to pro wrestling play-by-play) for Michael Cole reflect a commitment to letting the kids play and building the brand for the future. Message to Theo Epstein: Using Julio Lugo instead of Jed Lowrie is like making John Cena job to Hardcore Holly.

-- You know what I don’t care about? All-Star snubs. So Player X wasn’t selected to represent his team in an exhibition game. Someone call the wambulance. If you pay any attention to politics, it can’t come as that big of a shock that the most deserving players aren’t always selected to the All-Star team. Democracy is kind of like Audioslave – a better idea than a reality.

-- Finally, this breaking news. Thanks to the Letter T for bringing it to our attention.

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