Please, Albert, Don't Hurt 'Em

I generally don't read the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (or any serious journalism for that matter -- if it hasn't been written in a parent's basement with little to no actual reporting or primary sources, it's got no cred), but an article in today's edition says that The Mang himself might partake in the upcoming Home Run Derby. It's a shame he can't flip his bat after each one of the dickety-two jacks he's sure to hit in each round.

Confirmed entrants who might have their asses handed to them by Bert include: Cryin' Braun, Chase Buttley, Dan Fuggla, Pants Jerkman, Lady Thighsmore, and ... uh ... Josh Hamilton.

Don't you fret: We'll be live-blogging the mash-tastic action like a champ. Unless, of course, we're invited to participate, in which case some other losers will have to live-blog about us for a change. Just in case, I'm changing my bat's setting from "Rake" to "Crush."

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