Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Everything came to a screeching halt earlier tonight as the BertFlex office learned about something called "Chocolate Chip Cookie Day." The person reporting the following facts was Mike Shannon during the Cardinal game tonight, so I may not have 100% accurate details.

It's actually called Barry Weinberg's Chocolate Chip Cookie Fundraiser/Charity Thingy/Bake Sale(?). Besides Shannon's sketchy reporting, I couldn't find any info online - so here's what Mike said:

Friday July 18th
noon - 1:30 pm
Mike Shannon's Restaurant
Barry Weinberg + real Cardinals will be there signing autographs
Chocolate Chip Cookies will be on sale, and eaten by a lot of people

However, because Shannon was reporting this during the game:
-I have no idea how much it costs
-No idea how many cookies you get

More information on this delicious story as it develops.

*update: looks like this is it from '05 (page 4).

*update #2: thanks to the Librarian for finding this. Shannon said July 19th on the air, so that's the first thing he got wrong. All details are on the link. Side note - doing this during the middle of the day on a Friday is dumb. But that's just me...

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