Tournament of Death Bracketology: Sweet 16

We're now down to the Sweet 16 in the Super Xtreme Asskickin Monster Truck Firestorm Tournament of Death! Thanks to all who have voted so far. There have been a few "Teams of Destiny" who have survived to this point despite being huge underdogs. We've even had a #1 seed already get knocked out. Read on for my expert opinion on this round's matchups.

Wiffleball has been solid, outscoring their opponents 148-51 so far, but I see YouTube as a tough matchup for them. I think YouTube has played well in close games, so if they can stay close to Wiffleball late, they can win. It will be hard for YouTube to play from behind, so if Wiffleball can stay hot and jump on them early, they can put it away.

Taunting struggled a bit against A Girl Who Can Talk Sports but really took it to Offensive T-Shirts last time out, 76-23. Punk Rock has been on an amazing run so far, defying the odds to make it to the Sweet 16. It's tempting to take scrappy Punk Rock, but I think Taunting's overall strength of schedule has prepared them for this game.

I saw Poop as the weakest #1 seed, plus it ran into the buzzsaw of Making It Rain, so I'm not altogether shocked that they're out. MIR has really gelled down the stretch this season and surprised alot of people. Making It Rain plays Nintendo this round, and I think Nintendo takes it easily given their 151-47 performance the first two rounds.

Beef Jerky really took it to Grand Theft Auto, who I was expecting more from. Too bad for Jerky, they run into College Life this round. CL has outscored their opponents a ridiculous 164-35 in their first two games, including a rout of Home Run Derby last round. Given their performance so far, I see College Life as the strongest team in the field and a lock to make finals.

Bacon on Anything got a little scare in the first round, giving up 33 to Trivial Pursuit, but got it together against Malt Liquor. I don't see them having any trouble against Tournaments this round. Tournaments had an impressive first round win over Entrance Music but I personally think EM came out a bit flat in that game.

Big-Ass TV's have thoroughly dominated their first 2 games, 139-59, and match up well against the only perfect first round opponent, R.B.I. Baseball. RBI won a tough battle against Fantasy Leagues last game while Big-Ass TV's haven't really been tested yet. These are both power house offenses, either of which could win this region. This is my "Game to Watch" this round.

Fantasy Drafts and Anchorman Quotes appear to be mirror images of each other. Both won their second round games in nailbiters which came down to the last few plays, beating teams that were dominate in the first round victories. Despite playing the lower seed, I think that FD's game against Being White was a tougher draw than AQ against Winning Someone's Money In Poker, so I'm picking Fantasy Drafts to win.

I have Barbeque as the toughest team in the tournament based on their routs so far by a score of 178-20. Buffets have been hot and have beaten quality competition so far, but I think they run out of steam here against BBQ. While BBQ isn't as much of a lock to make finals as College Life, so far they've been the better team and should win their region.

*-Disclaimer: Although I am a voter in the Tournament of Death, the opinions above are based on the results of the tournament so far and are not a reflection of my voting.

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