Sunday Night Check-In

Time: 8:17 pm

Do you ever see the Super Bowl ratings and wonder, "Who are the idiots that don't watch the fucking Super Bowl?" For one year - and hopefully one year only - that idiot is me.

Not because I am in jail or anything, just because of a lack of interest late in the day. No two-second scoreboard checks, no peeking at espn, no food, no commercials - nothing.

Going back through the memory bank, the last Super Bowl I didn't watch was XXIII (23 for the non-Roman speaking Flexers). SB24 was the first one I watched, and I've seen 'em all since. I'm assuming twenty years ago there was an A-Team marathon on, which preoccupied my little seven year old eyes.

Hopefully this wasn't the greatest game of all time. I'll leave it up to Sir to let me know how it went. All wasn't lost tonight though; the BFHQ dishes are done and the trash is in the dumpster. Yup. Feel free to shoot me at any time...

update: 11:05 pm - I finally broke down and watched the highlights. Whoops.

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