Let It Sink In One More Time: We Have Brett Wallace

A lot of baseball prospect talk has hit the internet recently, and here at BFHQ, we're still getting over reading scouting reports on Low-A 19 year old pitchers who may or may not make an impact on our 2014 fantasy baseball teams. Before you ask, why yes - that is important stuff. How useful would it be if we knew a lot about literature or how to fix cars?

A few weeks ago Baseball 'Mericah's Cardinal top 10 list was released.

It goes a little something like this:

1. Colby Rasmus, of
2. Brett Wallace, 3b
3. Chris Perez, rhp
4. Jess Todd, rhp
5. Bryan Anderson, c
6. Clayton Mortensen, rhp
7. Daryl Jones, of
8. Jason Motte, rhp
9. David Freese, 3b
10. Pete Kozma, ss

No big surprises on the players listed. I think 4 through 8 can be shifted around a bit, but nothing to get upset about. Oh and congrats to Pistol Pete Kozma for cracking the list! I wonder where Rick Porcello would have ranked...

I believe BA's Top 100 will be out within a couple weeks, so be on the lookout. Unless you don't spend half your life infatuated with 18-22 year old boys who play baseball. It's a choice I made a long time ago, and my parents are fine with that.

Moving on, ESPN's Keith Law came out with his own top 100 last week. An excellent recap of how Rasmus, Wallace, Jones, and Perez ranked was written by Gabe Kiley on insideSTL last Friday. I probably would have done the same, but the rankings weren't out yet. Really guys, I would have worked hard too!

As a preview, the last line of Wallace's report: Brett Wallace will hit.

But one thing I feel like sharing is a little more analysis from K-Law, mostly because he introduced me to the word NASTYGRAM in his description of A's prospect Trevor Cahill. From here on out, I consult my Nastygram before making any life decision.

Here is what Law had to say about the Cardinals in his post-list chat on espn.com last Thursday:

Tim (STL, MO): Klaw, I like to see where you ranked the Cardinals org in your rankings. Because the Cards seem to be short on high upside, but have a lot of fill-in types, do you think they should alter their strategy to go after more toolsy guys, or stick with whats working now?

Keith Law: (1:06 PM ET ) Given the depth in their system, it's a good time for them to take some more risks in the draft, but I don't blame them for taking Wallace when he slipped to them.

Corey (Missouri): There was a story just posted at Stl Today saying that Troy Glaus just had shoulder surgery and may not be ready for opening day. Who would you put in at third in his place if you were the Cardinals? Craig, Freese, Wallace, Mather?

Keith Law: (1:59 PM ET ) Probably Freese. That's pretty aggressive for Wallace; I don't doubt he could handle it at the plate, but he hasn't had much chance to work with their coaches on his D.

Rick (Chars, MO): If you were only judging based on offensive potential approximately where would Brett Wallace place among prospects (thinking from a fantasy baseball standpoint)? Thank you

Keith Law: (2:01 PM ET ) Top ten.

Kevin (St. Louis): Gotta agree about Joyce. Trying to wade through "Portrait" right now and it is brutal. Anyway, what do you think the chances of Jess Todd becoming a middle of the rotation starter?

Keith Law: (2:23 PM ET ) He's a reliever for me. It's all sliders.

Sweet. Jess Todd, apparently the fourth best player in the system, is destined to be a relief pitcher. Good job Cardinals. Besides that, the lesson in today's story is to always check the Nastygram...and Brett Wallace rakes the universe.

The End.

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