Rickey Be Rickey Hasn't Lost a Step

When it comes to Rickey Henderson, I'm really torn on my feelings towards him. The big case against him is the I'm the greatest of all time speech in front of Lou Brock. That was the king of all dick moves, and coming from the dick move experts, that's saying something.

Unfortunately I have a soft spot in my heart for Rickey, since he was the driving force behind many a wins at RBI Baseball II in the early 90's. Not to mention all the great Rickey quotes and stories over the years.

So when Henderson was elected to the Hall of Fame last week, I skimmed a couple articles about him, one of which said he's still willing to play - every day - for a Major League team in 2009. But buried within the article was, in my mind, one of Rickey's best quotes to date. It's short and sweet, and here's how the conversation went:

Reporter: Rickey, would you like to play in the WBC?

Rickey: What's that? Wrestling?

Good job Rickey, you've redeemed yourself.

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Anonymous said...

My favorite Rickey story is the $1 million check that he framed, and fucked up the A's books.