Fantasy Baseball Shit-Talk Season is Coming

It's never too early to start shit-talking to your friends about the upcoming fantasy baseball season. I came up with one idea over the weekend.

After seeing a commercial for ITT Tech's School of Drafting and Design, I realized it would be awesome to suggest to your opponent(s) that they should sign up and try to learn something from their School of Drafting. But words are words, and people may forget things like that. I felt a little more knife-twisting was possible, so I did my research.

If you go to ITT Tech's website, you can request a brochure in the mail. My suggestion is to request one for each person in your league, and hand-deliver them all. That way you can see their face after you bust on them for needing to go to a School of Drafting. Throw in a line like "I would be happy to teach you how to draft, but you've been watching me for years and never picked up anything. I wouldn't want a difficult student like yourself."

It's all about the effort. Watch and learn.

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