You're Gonna Love My Post

Our favorite douchey pitchman is back, this time plugging the Slap Chop.

What the hell is the Slap Chop? Check it out, and pay close attention right around the 37 second mark:

There are so many other elements of greatness in this video besides Vince wearing an apron, talking about his nuts ("boring tuna", the rising cost of ice cream toppings in America, the over-the-head swoosh into the sink, Slap Chop = we become skinny?, "tacos, freddy-chinni, linguini, martini, bikini", "just bang it", and the traditional special bonus "cuz we can't do this all day" - thanks Vince).

Oh yeah - once again: why the fuck does he wear a headset?

There's a lot to talk about here. Discuss.

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