Linx/Stuff/Junk & MS Paint Week in Review

This is like a Fruit Rollup of L/S/J greatness. Not only am I going to provide you with some phenomenal links for your Friday, I'll add a couple Paint masterpieces designed by yers truly along the way.

On Monday, TGF wrote out a bunch of questions in his Baseball Digest Daily article, and pretended like he knew all the answers (you've got the card right there in front of you Trebek!). He's either a showoff or a jerk. Well, we're not answering your questions, you showoff jerk!

Tuesday morning, Hack posted the Jones Big ASS Truck Rental & Storage clip. It seems to be popular with the kids, we're getting a bunch of Google hits off of it.

Also on Tuesday I was clued in to the apparent greatness of Restaurant.com. Evidently you can get gift certificates to restaurants in your area (plug in your zip code - there are ones you've actually heard of), at a discounted price. Also, if you enter the promo code SANTA, you get an extra 80% off! For example, you can get a $25 GC to Mike Shannon's for $2. Seriously: $2. The fine print says Valid with a minimum $35 food purchase. 20% gratuity added to pre-discounted check amount, which is workable. This would be a good cheapskate gift for Christmas.

On Wednesday, my InsideSTL article revealed what shitty awards Albert Pu-jolz will be winning this offseason. Within the article I may or may not have inferred that Chris Duncan starred in a porn entitled Dunc in Your Trunk.

Wednesday night I announced that I'll be writing the screenplay to Dunc in Your Trunk. I figure with some upcoming days off, I could finish the script next week. Then Hollywood can come up and film this bad boy in early January. Edit it by the SuperBowl, send to a distributor, and boom - Valentine's Day gift for your loved one. What girl wouldn't want a fake Crush Drunkan porn on the most romantic day of the year? Things like this make me the best at what I do.

In case you missed it, yesterday the big thing going around was Burger King's new flame-broiled meat-scented body spray, Flame. Check it out here. As Sir pointed out a little before press time, this should have been made into a perfume for women, seeing how guys already smell like meat.

And an Abercrombie-wearing k.u.chebag makes his mark on Mizzourah today.

Dats it. Drink up, be merry. Enjoy yourselves!

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