Apparently Barry Weinberg is a Big Deal

Earlier on Thursday, I took a well-deserved break from work and decided to check out the ol' internet. I came across a thread in Bernie's Pressbox regarding Cardinal trainer Barry Weinberg and how he was in the second row of the Country Music Awards last night. This sounded pretty random, so I checked the message board over at insideSTL to get a second opinion. The fine ladies and gents (well, the six or seven who watched the 2008 CMA's) over there also mentioned they saw Weinberg in the crowd. Neither site could provide visual evidence, though I did get stuck "reading" the chicks in bikinis with big boobs thread for a while.

After a little deeper investigating and 6,000 sites later, I found it. Maybe I'm the only one who finds Barry Weinberg at the Country Music Awards funny:

He's got seats right behind Kenny Chesney. Full video here, right around the 1:35 mark.

Evidently Barry F'n Weinberg is more important than we thought. He knows how to get hooked up at all the star-studded events. He probably banged a couple chicks later and gave them a lesson on plantar fasciitis.

Okay, maybe you don't find this funny, that's cool. But if you don't mind me stirring up a little muck real quick, when replaying this video to get a screenshot, I was able to notice something else. I analyzed Weinberg's movements like he analyzed Mark Mulder's arm being in perfect condition this past summer (at least for 16 pitches).

Weinberg goes in for the handshake and - NOPE. Denied by Chesney! That bastard!

What gives Kenny? You have Carpenter in your keeper league? You jealous that Rick Ankiel puts on cowboy hats and gets more tail than you - pretending to be you? Like he needs the help. Have you seen the women at Hrabosky's at 1 am?

Go ahead and keep winning your silly awards Chesney. Barry Weinberg will be in that first row seat soon enough. Possibly winning awards with duet partner Kent Bottenfield some day?

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The Good Face said...

Dynamite sleuthing! Way to go! That's nice!