A Post About the Iron Sheik, Kid Rock, & Lil Wayne

(there's no reason to try to come up with a useful title for this article, so that's the best I can give you)

Every so often I get called out on my habit of watching TMZ. I've actually only been watching once or twice a week lately (if that), so I decided to flip it on last night to see what's going on in celebrities-being-stalked-by-paparazzi news.

Some dude at TMZ must be a wrasslin' freak because every so often they run into a wrestler from the 80s. Believe it or not, the wrestlers tend to make jackasses of themselves. Take for instance the Iron Sheik, who cut a badass promo on Hulk Hogan as he walked into LAX airport a couple days ago. I love the fact that he's wearing his own shirt.

According to the internet, the Sheik is only 65 years old. It's got to be the first time the internet has been wrong about anything. Not buying it.

The best part was when he finally shut up and went on his way...in a wheelchair.

He ranted for five minutes about kicking Hogan's ass, then got rolled away by possibly a nurse who was about to change his Depends. TMZ included that part at the end of this video. Side note: I bet there are some Charlie Murphy/Rick James stories about Hogan and the Sheik.

In other entertainment and gross jersey news, I caught this while on my hunt for Barry Weinberg pics at the CMA Awards:

The savvy National(!) Football(!) League(!) fans out there will poop their pants in excitement because Kid Rock is wearing a kicker's jersey (Rob Bironas). Unfortunately, the replay booth shows that it says "Kid Rock" on the nameplate. I kind of figured that since Kid Rock is a big douche and all, plus the #2 is fitting.

Oh, and I have no idea why the fuck Lil Wayne was there just to hold a guitar (he plays a mean air guitar though - video here if you care).

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Anonymous said...

Lil Wayne hopefully didn't get his feet bitten while jumping that shark.