Stay Classy A-Town

I saw a news story yesterday that a few of the members of this site, as well as many friends of the site, will appreciate.

A female bartender (Jamie Day) from the Pub Room in Alton was arrested for bartending nekkid:

Someone called police to complain about the woman, who "was observed totally nude while tending bar at the Pub Room," a brief Alton Police Department report says.

Day reportedly had been performing for male customers and had donned a shirt by the time police arrived.

This type of stuff happens all the time at BertFlex World Headquarters, but I'm shocked that this could happen in a high-brow town like Alton.

If you are having hot, sexy fantasies about this smoking hot bartender, think again:

Barf. Once again: stay classy Alton.

We still need to hang out across the river more often, one would assume the naked talent could only get better...

But that's probably a bad assumption.


Tim said...

In her defense, you can't see it in the pic, but she has an absolutely breath-taking heiney. I mean, that thing's good. I wanna be friends with it.

sir said...

In defense of A-Town, she lives in Jerseyville which is like saying that someone from Arnold is from St. Louis.

Big Head said...

J'ville is only known for Walmart and fat broads. Living up to the hype.

And can we get a definition of "performing"? And can we switch her picture for say (INSERT HOT CHICK)?

Melissa said...

what's wrong with Arnold? Seriously someone from Illinois is ripping on anything in Missouri!!