Dirty Shirty Contest

I’m attending a birthday party next month for Hack’s lady, and the theme of the party is dirty shirty: that is, T-shirts with dirty slogans. Being an upstanding young lass, I have no such shirts, unless you count my Jason LaRue T-shirt jersey.

Anyway, I want the most awesome dirty shirt ever, so I’m tapping the most awesome dirty minds ever: Yours. Bonus points if you drop a librarian reference or create an idea so foul it offends even me. I will puff paint the winning slogan on a T-shirt and wear it amongst strangers, plus shower the winner with fabulous prizes (e.g., a lukewarm McRib).

So submit your dirty shirt ideas to the comments or haymang@yahoo.com. Do it. Now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Once found a shirt that said "I eat more pussy than cervical cancer". Even I felt dirty enough to pass on that one.