Are You a Real American?

If so, then you should follow my lead and only pay for things with the GREATEST. CURRENCY. EVAR. By that, I obviously mean the Brett Favre dollar coin and Brett Favre quarter.

For the low, low price of $9.95 (plus $9.90 shipping and handling?!?!) YOU can buy $1.25 in genuine 'Mericahn currency that has been covered with a microscopicly thin layer of gold, plus has an image of the GREATEST. AMERICAN. EVAR. on the face of each coin.

For everyone seeking shelter from the hard economic times we face, this has to be the best investment opportunity in our lifetimes. I mean, this would still be a value at twice the price, at least according to the website. They say the coin is already worth $29.95 and you can obviously trust the guys trying to sell you the coins.

Do what I would do and convert all your crappy stocks and bonds that aren't worth anything anyway into heroic Brett Favre currency. It's the only currency guaranteed to survive the current economic crisis. After all, it's backed by the full faith and awesomeness of Brett Favre.

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