Special Appearance Weekend

I was at the stadium last night and saw a couple upcoming appearances involving the Cardinals. I'll let you guess which one I'm more excited about:

1) Friday at 5:30 pm Alyssa Milano will be at the Team Store. The first 100 people will get to meet her...and I guess get something signed? They weren't too descriptive on the jumbotron, but at the very least you'll be able to compliment her on her fancycool sparkly girly t-shirts and dresses. This site says (of a long list of dudes over the years) her most recent boyfriend was Tom Glavine in 06/07. That's gross, but I'll still be hanging around Hrabosky's later Friday night to see if the 35 year old is out doing some cougar hunting.

2) Kyle McClellan and Chris Perez will be at the Brentwood Best Buy this Saturday from 11:30 to 12:30 signing autographs. I'm really contemplating if I should go out there and really gay it up for K-Mac. Not like I haven't done this already on this site. I even have this sweet-ass jumbo '88 Topps card of the two relievers that they gave out last night.

This really is a tough call, because we all know Alyssa Milano would be into me. But the 11th Commandment "Bros Before Thy Hoes" comes into play as well. And I'd really like to see Chris Perez breathing heavy and dripping in sweat from sitting down for an hour, scribbling his name on an 8x10 for a 38 year old slob.

Hmm. Doing both would be a lot of effort. Any thoughts?

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