The Two Badass-iest Things to Come Out of Hazelwood West

No, not my left arm and right arm, but close:

1) Kyle McClellan
2) Me (did you expect these rankings to be fair?)

To show my support, I purchased a Kyle McClellan t-shirt jersey at the Mills mall Tuesday night. I'm guessing most of you are thinking that this is the leader in the clubhouse for "worst investment of the year." But I've got to give props to the '02 grad of THE Hazelwood West High School.

Evidently the Mills is McClellan-Central, because at least three sports stores had these ($20-25), and I didn't even check every store. For example, I'm pretty sure I saw some black McClellan shirts in the window at Hot Topic, along with matching bumper stickers and wristbands. Eh, that might have been Panic at the Disco gear, I was walking too fast.

But you can't even buy McClellan shirts at the stadium, unless they're hidden under all the Mulder t-shirts that are destined for shipment to Turkmenistan in the same crate as those Patriots 17-0 hoodies. So I truly feel lucky to own one. Normally I make fun of "that guy" who buys t-shirt jerseys of the new player before anyone else has them. Now I get to relish in all the glory of "that guy," fulfilling a lifelong dream.

So far, McClellan has 13 holds, good enough for 2nd in the Majors, to go with a save, 2.42 ERA, and nearly a K per inning. Click that link and you can even see some of his Upper Deck rookies going for a buck on ebay.

Even if McClellan flames out, I can always scratch his name out and change it to "Petkovsek" without having to face any criticism.


Anonymous said...

This may be on par with my Bears jersey collection; Rashaan Salaam, Curtis (P)Enis, Cade McNown, and my added Cedric Benson from last season. McClellen could replace all four on the bad meter.

The Good Face said...

Mrs. Good Face has a Yadi jersey from back when he wore No. 41. All those other bitches with their No. 4 jerseys is straight frontin'.