Dating Advice From Coaches...Always A Good Idea

The BertFlex inbox often gets flooded with questions, comments, and concerns. One thing that a lot of you people write in about is dating tips. All the ladies want to know if they can have a shot at the title. We usually brush them off pretty quickly (especially if their family isn't rich), and go about our business.

But what if we took the time to think for a few minutes and dish out some dating advice to our fans? What would we say?

Nobody could sum up our expert thoughts on dating better than Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach. This is a clip from the local Texas Tech TV show, in which someone asks the coach for some help with his upcoming date (Football coaches are like Yoda when it comes to women, obviously).

Here's the answer:

I love how he gave this answer without cracking a smile. Oh wait, does that mean he was being serious the entire time?

And "trade computer schemes and emails and all that mischief that people are up to" is a great quote, not to mention "the girl will be forced to eat in front of you, which is something that women hate."

I need more of this guy.

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Mad Librarian said...

Um, did he say "conversate"?