The Verdict is In, October 6, Slaten Returns

Ahh, the classic Paul Newman movie, the Verdict..... Yeah, it's an oldie but worth it. I think it is especially worth watching in the middle of a cold St. Louis winter, as the movie has that tone to it.

Unfortunately for us, the verdict is that Kevin Slaten returns to the St. Louis airwaves on October 6th, after his no-compete clause in his old contract with KFNS ends. While Mr. Slaten stated that St. Louis County Circuit Judge Larry L. Kendrick would be more suited to work in Baghdad, Moscow (presumably in pre 1991 Soviet Russia), or somewhere else, it appears that unlike those sent to the Gulags, Slaten gets another chance.

In other news, your humble legal correspondent to Bert Flex just completed a 2 day jury trial in St. Louis County. He also managed to get a jury verdict favorable to his client. While I cannot comment on whether Mr. Slaten has actually tried a case before a jury, I wouldn't want him as my attorney, or as my client. He has such a talent for making an ass of himself.


Anonymous said...

you're wrong hack!

The Good Face said...

Paul Newman is mentioned in the same post as Kevin Slaten and dies soon after. Coincidence?