The Women's Guide to Halting Conversations With HMW

Chapter 1

Yesterday I was at the bank getting a cashiers' check for the first payment on the new BFHQ. The teller who was waiting on me was an attractive young lady. As stated in the ML's Men of Bertflex Survey, the top personality trait I look for in a woman is a nice ass. So with her back turned, I was able to stare at her tight pants for a few minutes.

Right now, all the women reading this are probably rolling their eyes, but just wait, there is some useful information coming up.

After a delay in the computer system, she strikes up a short conversation with me. I was being my normal charming self, and was about to flip on the internal funny/flirty switch to see what happens.

She had been holding the paper I handed her, which had the apartment company's name and amount on it, and asked me where that was located (mmm hmm, now we're getting somewhere). I said the intersection, and before I could follow up with anything funny or flirty, she replied "Oh yeah, my boyfriend lives out that way."

Perfect. So ladies, just between you and me, here is some inside information. Let's John Madden this thing:

I quit listening to this girl at "oh yeah, my boyfriend." CIRCLE CIRCLE, and BOOM!

She probably kept talking, but I guess we'll never know. If you're ever worried about guys potentially hitting on you, or if you just want to be left alone, this is how it's done. Works really well in non-drunk settings (i.e. the bank).

PS. - bank...rhymes with skank.