Bernie Miklasz: Hearing Footsteps/Feeling the Heat/Smelling What the Flex Is Cooking

I accidentally clicked on a Bernie Miklasz post just now. Even more unusual, I read more than one sentence. I'm glad I did:

[H]ere’s a quick take for now.

(In fact, get used to some shorter blogs from me from now on. I will try to avoid wasting too much of your time. … it’s just getting too thick in the blogosphere.)
I'll sidestep the obvious jokes about Bernie and "getting thick" (although it's proving exceedingly hard -- ha -- not to make a joke about the phrase "getting thick" itself).  The more important takeaway here is that Bernie knows that there is stiff competition for your time. And although  he doesn't mention us by name, it's pretty clear that he recognizes BertFlex as the harbingers of a New World Order (and not NWO Hollywood, either -- we're not going to welcome Vincent aboard anytime soon).

It's a sad day when anyone realizes that their moment in the sun has passed -- but it's even sadder when they have to be forcibly removed. We appreciate Bernie's grasp of reality. Rest assured, readers: Unlike Bernie, the Flex has no desire to make anything shorter. 

In fact, we're only going to get thicker.

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