The Search for the BertFlex Corporate Headquarters

(Update below)

Saturday was the first day of the much-anticipated search for the new BertFlex Corporate Headquarters. Sir and I took about five hours touring numerous locations, and we have possibly found our new home. We can't go into full details now, but we're pretty excited what news may come later today.

We will still keep our other Bureaus around the STL/ILL-side area, as well as Denver and Omaha. Because of Sir's big announcement last week, the Chicago office is shutting its doors down. But this new World Headquarters looks to be a huge improvement over my mom and dad's basement the current one.

Stay tuned for updates!

Sunday night update: It looks like this is the spot. Assuming the fine people at Pheasant Run meet our demands when we check out our exact home/HQ, they win. I wish I had a picture or two for you, but just so you know, AstroTurf is involved.

We'll pass along any further news between now and our move-in (Friday the 22nd). After that, we'll pass along all the party information.

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Anonymous said...

Good chance the Omaha offices could be changing to a Southeast Bureau.

More info to come.