Callin' You Out: Cubs Fans

Look at you bastards. All of you.

Evidently bloggers don't sit in the lower-level seats at Wrigley. Or they have a short memory. To refresh your memory, the general consensus on May 12, 2008 was this:

Hire Jim Essian - Jim Hendry, you’ve done an awful lot of dumb things in your tenure as the Chicago Cubs’ general manager. You signed Neifi Perez a couple of times. You thought Shawn Estes belonged in a starting rotation. You traded Kyle Farnsworth right after a crap year instead of right after a good year. You ate that whole cheesecake that had been sitting out on the counter for a week, even though I told you that the top shouldn’t feel slimy. I’ve forgiven you for most of those things. But so help you God, if you sign Jim Edmonds, you are dead to me.

Hmm. That is all.

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