Cubs Fans Are Douchebags

As you can see in the video, some Cubs fans are absolute fucks. Cause it takes a college kid covered in blue paint to dump a cooler of water on a hot chick that isn't paying attention (and actually has a job). If he wants to see a hot wet T-shirt contest, where you're actually seeing nips, hit a bar.

Would he have done this if it was Dibble instead?

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Anonymous said...

hmm. i agree that cubs fans are d-bags, but i don't buy it. i'm all-in that this was a set-up. multiple guys had mini cameras on them, plus this chick's regular cameraman didn't drop the thing and beat that dude's ass.

i say set-up. she wanted to be drenched in public. then some lesbians probably jumped on top of her after the camera's stopped rolling...oops, i'm still talking out loud...