No Press Box For Me (Linx/Stuff/Junk)

Hey lookie there, I made the top of the InsideSTL page for the second time in two weeks. Does this mean I actually earned my money this time? Eh, probably not. Hopefully Matty Leach isn't offended. I kind of went off on a tangent towards the end, sort of bashing the need for his industry. Would he feel better if I said the entire point of the column was to take a shot at Graham Bensinger again?

-Here is this week's article. It actually sounds like I put some thought and effort into that one. I'm sort of impressed by my own doing. Also, some dude posted a gigantic comment on there that didn't make much sense; sweet.

-No matter what I do, it can't match the top notch professionalism of our own Good Face. In his SN column this week, he discusses his little road trip to The K, as well as Wichita, KS, for some Vintage Base Ball action. As a reminder - see you kids Saturday for the Unions/Perfectos showdown on the north side.

-Mizzourah is stepping up their game to a whole 'notha level: podcasts. Check out the first installment, posted this past Saturday. As of today, we're 17 days away from the big season opener vs. Illinois. TGF and I still plan on live-blogging that shit, and we should be live from the new BertFlex World Headquarters.

-Lots of big updates from (female) friend of the site, Lottie, who is reporting live from China. She's working some kind of event over there; I think it's called the Michael Phelps Asskicking Invitational? Something like that. According to another female friend of the site, Melissa (what's with all these hot women - they love us), all the Chinamen had never seen a white blonde girl before, and requested their picture with Lottie. Kind of funny, mostly weird. But a great excuse to get a pic taken with a lovely lady, which they've probably used a hundred times before. Sly dogs...

-It's been another slow week of our blog links, so here's what we were up to two years ago: Our Best Fantasy Blunders, which was the article that put us on the map. Well, I can't take all the credit - it was a collective effort of stupidity, summarized by me, and linked to Deadspin. Look how far we've come (though I'm not sure who these "Tony" and "Shaun" and "Justin" characters are).


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