The Internet: Worst Idea Ever

Maybe giving everyone free reign to do what they want on the internet isn't such a good thing after all. Somehow this video has slipped through the cracks for a month or so and is finally coming across our desk. This is so good, it's worth the 6.5 minutes of your time.

There are many levels of greatness in this video. The way this guy butchers Bernie Miklasz' name is beautiful. Then, there's a random person eating Domino's in the background. Oh, and don't worry about that ironing board, it's fine right there.

Behold (sticking out my chest) The Best Fans in Baseball:

Really? This is what the internet has become?

Hey wait, wasn't Sir there that night when Edmonds was cheered? Sir, I have forwarded your information to this guy and I'm sure you'll be dealt wif shortly.

The bright side is that The Morning After covered this on Tuesday morning, and they had this kid on the air. He's 22, married (for two years), and hates Barack Obama. Unrelated note: he lives in Kentucky. You figure it out.

If you'd like to listen to the riveting interview (after which he listened to the post-interview discussion making fun of him, and emailed the show with a simple: "Assholes"), click here. If you're going to waste more time today, you might as well do it on this. At least you'll feel better about yourself and the college education you received.

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