Your Olympics Preview, But Not Really

Over the next couple weeks, I anticipate us writing once or twice about the Olympics, which begin later tonight. Granted, there are some watchable events (baseball, basketball, and women's softball; oh, and whatever that thing is where the women run around in skimpy bikinis), but overall the Olympic games are pretty boring to me.

Last night, I was doing a little research for a project I want Big Sandwich to take over: some Olympic Pole Vaulting coverage. At first glance, you may think that's the equivalent of giving the Sandwich a kick to the nuts, but not so fast! The beauty of women's pole vaulting has been documented by the Sandwich before, and the Olympics bring a wider stage of pole-vaulting hotties from 'round the world.

So while trying to find a pole vaulting roster (yes, I have a shitload of time on my hands), the best I could do was espn.com, and I noticed College Football analyst Pat Forde on the front page.

Talk about demotions - Pat Forde is evidently "Olympic Coverage Guy" on the four letter network. Wow, sorry to hear that.

I actually think he's a pretty decent College Football guy, and it's not like we're in a lull for football news, since it's August and all.

The best thing about Forde is his ESPN picture. He's got the "I'm taking a dump in your garden, looking at you through the window, and there's nothing you can do about it" look on his face. I love it.

What was I talking about? Oh, Big Sandwich: do some scouting on the pole vaulters and report your results. Now.

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