Dig Him Up

Last Friday, The Good Face, the Librarian, and I went out and saw Step Brothers. Hilarious movie, and we highly recommend it...oh, what did you expect me to say?

Anyway, here is a clip from the ESPY's last week that I had been meaning to post. I'm going out on a limb and saying the rest of the ESPY's sucked (didn't watch that crap), but this is quality.

There is also a clip of Ferrell accepting the Male Athlete of the Year award, but just use up the rest of your day and watch all of these.


Mad Librarian said...

The Good Face, Lady Good Face, and I propose another "Step Brothers" viewing in the near future. I'm pretty sure there are a couple great lines I've forgotten, so I need to rectify (ha) that immediately.

Mad Librarian said...

P.S., Ferrell and Reilly sang a duet of "Islands in the Stream" on TRL last week. I've heard audio, but I can't find video on the online. If you manage to find me a link, I'll get my bitch ass in the kitchen bake you a pie. (No, seriously, I will.)

The Good Face said...

Erin Andrews working the ESPYs red carpet (ha) was not shitty.

big sandwich said...

Best lines:

I want Harry Caray riding Mike Ditka at my kids next birthday party.

At the next Dodger game I want to throw out the first pitch and I want to throw out the LAST pitch.

After the show I want Greg Oden to tuck us both in and tell stories about the old days.

Pure Genius!