Hot Girls + "Violence" = 'Mericah

Fuck yeah!

Happy Fourth of July everyone, and a big welcome back to St. Louis for Jim Edmonds. Hopefully he didn't mind me staying in his house for the past couple weeks.

If you're hip and cool, head down to F15teen this weekend and go see James, some striped shirt guys (possibly showering in Jagerbombs), and the previously mentioned hot girls.

If you're not hip and cool, we'll see you over at Maltliquorman's crib Saturday for some BBQ, Booze, Wiffleball, Shit-Talkin', RBI Baseball, and Poker. I'm sure the BertFlex paparazzi will be there snapping pictures of my dominance (on wiffleballs and steaks).

After that is the long-anticipated 1st Annual Urban Dictionary Bee. According to the comments in that link, I'll be the #1 seed (rightfully so), and should be the odds-on favorite to take home the massive trophy. Be sure to check in this weekend, we'll have some food and wiffleball updates, along with the other drunken debauchery as it happens.

As a side note, to suck up to my professional blogging boss, hit up insideSTL for updates on where Tim McKernan stands on Day 1a of the '08 World Series of Poker. As of press time, he's made it through most of the day and should be a lock to be playing on Day 2 next Tuesday. Jason Alexander already busted out, so we've got to root for somebody...

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Dems fightin' words!