Hey Guyyys, Buy Th15 Hou5e

If anyone is looking to buy a new house while the market is down, here's a "humble abode" that may tickle your fancy. Notice anything on the fitn15s center floor in pic 14?

I'm putting my bid in as we speak. 5 Grand down payment, plus loan...I'll only owe $16,515 a month for 30 years; what a steal!

Hopefully you guys can make my monthly "Hey This Used To Be Jim Edmonds' House" parties (cover charge: $2000). Although if the rich mahogany smell and many leather-bound books aren't included, the deal is off the table, James. My message is clear.


Anonymous said...

Dayyyymn, InsideSTL is paying like that?

Mad Librarian said...

I'd bargain for the fringed furniture, too. That shit is pimp!!!

Hack said...

Does that price include visits by Merlin Olson?