Ah, My Sweet Bacon

I'd love to have a kick-ass excuse for being absent from BertFlex, LLC* (* pending some legal documents) for the past few days; I wish I could say I was given the first-ever ban from the internet by the FCC. Or I had to spend quality sexy time with Jessica Biel and Megan Fox (who is not shitty, Sir).

Instead my internet decided to melt down. But hey, we're back up and running now, and over the past four days, I've built up a lot of aggression and it's about to come out. The first thing seems fitting for my big "comeback": Bacon Lollipops.

One of the things I was able to do over the weekend was read. You might be shocked that I read once in a while, especially things that aren't on a monitor. But I do read from time to time...okay, I'll quit lying. I was reading a Maxim from last month. And in it was a little blurb about how Bacon Lollipops DO exist and you can buy them from lollyphile.com.

I know you know how awesome this is, but just for good measure, here is the description from Lollyphile:

We feel pretty safe in saying that we're the first people to ever make a bacon-based lollipop. And not just any bacon, either- we use sustainable, organic, cured bacon- we kinda felt that it went well with the pure Vermont maple syrup we were using as a base, you know?

While we admit that it's pretty far from the norm (it's definitely not kosher!), once you make that initial leap of faith and try it out, we're positive that you'll love it. The salty chunks of bacon make a delicious and unique counterpoint to the subtle sweetness of the maple, and oh, yeah- you'll be eating an oh-my-god bacon lollipop!

A perfect gift for the sweet-toothed pork aficionado in your life.

Hey, that's me!


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