Bacon Night at the Ballpark

I believe we've carved out a nice little niche for ourselves here. It's safe to say that of all the Cardinals/sports/grabass blogs out there, we are the official bacon experts. Of them all. Seriously.

In two different instances last night, bacon was brought to my attention, as if any bacon news or bacon-related activities could get past me...

The first happened at the classy little party over at the Librarian's house. After sipping on some '79 Merlot (I'm used to Dom, but who's asking), discussing stocks, and putting down minorities (Hack was there, what else would we talk about?), we called up the local Papa John's and ordered up some pizza. The fine ladies and gents who did the ordering just assumed that I would like some Bacon Cheesesticks. Good call on their part. You're probably wondering how they taste.

After eating the Bacon Cheesesticks, I really don't think women are necessary in my life any more. This is all I need: Nintendo, a TV, and Bacon Cheesesticks. I win.

Okay, maybe that's going a little too far, but those things are highly highly recommended. Good call by the Librarian's crew.

The second being an email from friend-of-the-site Pink Ass Ben. He sent me a link for baconsalt.com, a company that sells bacon seasoning. Their motto is "Everything Should Taste Like Bacon."

So naturally, I'm going to see if they are hiring.

The best part is the reviews page. You can send in your own testimonial of Bacon Salt and submit it; maybe they'll put you on their website. I figured this was a hell of an idea, even if I've never tried the stuff. If you email these guys, be sure to copy down what you said in the comments section.

We are the bacon experts, so I assume they're listening.

(Oh yeah, Cardinals won; Carp's back. Whatever.)

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