Lost: One Non-Seriuzz Journalizzst

Update 7:18 PM. Guess who's bizack? ~HMW

You might have noticed a disturbing lack of action around these parts lately (granted, the non-married B-Flexers are used to a disturbing lack of action). Lord knows that we try to keep you informed about the subjects you care about most (chicks, bacon, etc.) – well, “we” don’t so much as Hazelwood’s Most Wanted does.

And that’s the problem: No one knows where HMW is. After Anthony Reyes got dealt for a pair of my past-their-prime undies, I figured HMW would be all over it with some hardcore analysis the likes of which you usually get from John Hadley or that one guy who looks like a troll (ok, that could describe most seriuzz journalizzsts).

Instead, silence.

So, please, we’re begging you: If you have info on the whereabouts of HMW, please pass them on. We have unconfirmed and totally made up reports of a Buffalo Wild Wings explosion in Olivette, and putting two and two together is just too painful.

Hold on TGF, there will be some pain broughtin' later tonight.

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Mad Librarian said...

I heard he's in jail for stalking the "Chalk Talk" personalities.

And here's proof that we should probably post bail: I didn't hear that Reyes had been traded. I need him to keep up on this stuff so I can spend my weekends enjoying buttermilk mash with a side of hashrake.