Your Old-Timey Journalism Update-Sir's Serious Injury

It appears as if Bertflex contributor Sir has suffered an injury. As some of you know, Sir likes to play Vintage Baseball, and often associates himself with a local 9 who play by the rules of 1860. Your intrepid Bertflex legal correspondent recently dug deeper to find out about Sir's injury.

It turns out that Sir has suffered an injury common in the 19th century. No, not typhoid fever, or syphilis, but Sir injured his hands laying railroad track. Yes, like those hard working immigrant laborers who built America's first real transportation network, Sir hurt himself laying ties and rail.

But wait! On further investigation, I discovered that Sir hurt himself laying MODEL railroad track. Sir may be the first person to get a real injury from laying model railroad track. I wonder if the rehab center he goes to will be of 1:87 scale as well....


Anonymous said...

please tell me that Sir puts down little Del Taco's all along the tracks. At least 3 or 4 of them between stations.

and he stops at every one.

Anonymous said...

Was there little grafetti on the mini-buildings?

Someone call Mike Owens! Five on Your Side muthafuckas!!

$10 says likestofightguy got a hold of him instead.

likes to fight guy said...

Sir Assclown has been running from me for years, but some day soon I'll find him and give him a well-deserved ASS kicking. After a spongebath from his male nurse, Sir will make him glue some tracks together while he's recovering!! What a bunch of homos.

sir said...

This is another story kind of like the time I worked in construction. It sounds impressive until you hear what actually happened. "Yeah, I was out there doing some back breaking work, laying train track. I don't know if you heard me counting; I did over a thousand. It's boring but it's part of my life."

By the way, for those who aren't familiar with my career in construction, I did programming for a construction company.