Draft Picks at the '08 College World Series

Here is a list of MLB draftees that HMW and myself will be seeing / heckling this weekend in Omaha. I only went three rounds deep because, well, that was the limit of the players I had heard of.

MIAMI: Yonder Alonso (#7, CIN), Jemile Weeks (#12, OAK), Carlos Gutierrez (#27, MIN), Dennis Raben (#66, SEA), Blake Tekotte (#101, SD)

GEORGIA: Gordon Beckham (#8, CHA), Josh Fields (#20, SEA)

STANFORD: Jason Castro (#10, HOU), Jeremy Bleich (#44, NYA), Cord Phelps (#107, CLE)

FLORIDA STATE: Buster Posey (#5, SF)


LSU: none

RICE: Bryan Price (#45, BOS)

FRESNO STATE: Tanner Scheppers (#48, PIT)

Looks like Miami is freakin' loaded, while I'm amazed that UNC and LSU have zero draftees in the first three rounds. I'm amped about seeing Yonder and Buster but I'm down on Beckham and Castro. Can I start a petition to start calling Yonder "What light through Yonder window breaks" Alonso or is a Shakespearian nickname too dorky, even for me? Discuss.


Anonymous said...

Whoa whoa whoa...HMW is coming up too?

Anonymous said...

i gots to find somebody to split gas and drivin' time with...working on it.

Anonymous said...

also - NC features uncle teddy's own Dustin Ackley (soph). first baseman, hits leadoff, mashes, steals bases. championship!

at next year's HCL draft i'll probably nab SP's alex white and matt harvey. just giving you guys a heads up.