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Hey, ____ I've got these articles that you ought to read, if you have time Monday or Tuesday, can you read them? Cool, thanks. I'll keep calling you six times to confirm you'll read our articles; you'll confirm, and then forget to read them. Sound good?

-This week's insideSTL.com article, in which I go through a potpourri of Cardinal news and notes. Eh, let's be honest, I sucked this time. Once in a while (always) I like to set the bar low and knock you out with a kick-ass column when you least expect. That's the plan, be ready for a good one in a week or two.

-If you've been under a rock, check out Big Head's rundown of the Big XII as potato chips over on Mizzourah. Quality stuff. I even got into the fun of writing about college football for the first time ever. Of course I had to put a fantasy spin on it.

-And Annie Fresh has a new post about getting boozed up in the Broncos' locker room last week with Jay Cutler and Co. My hopes are at an all time high, don't disappoint me with weak pictures, Ann.


Anonymous said...

I'm confirming that she is 50/50 right now for 25% of my Thursday show. And it'll be rad. Jebus.

"60% of the time, it works everytime"

Anonymous said...

at this pace, she'll hopefully be on for your christmas show.

sir said...

Let it be known that Big Head and I were stood up by a Playmate, which is more than any of you chumps can say. Wow, I'm starting to sound like Likes To Fight Guy.

The Good Face said...

Once she heard yours truly wouldn't be involved, she was all like "Squash that noize!1!1!!"