Road Trip...Nothing Can Go Wrong Here

We'll be taking the show on the road this weekend, on a little cross-state trip to Kansas City. It sounded like a good plan a month ago, but now that the Cardinals are 0-4 vs the Royals this year, I'm not sure I want to watch. The good news is that technically the Cardinals are "due," whatever that means. So lets just put BertFlex on autopilot for the day and we'll check in with you tomorrow night to discuss the happenings. Also expect a big recap in Tuesday's InsideSTL column (unless we don't have any fun). Here's the weekend in a nutshell, as stated by Big Head over on Mizzourah.

You smell BBQ. You hear pinging and Dee-Nee music. You see a five spot of a genetic mess wearing bad jerseys. There's only one explanation; It is a Bertflex/Mizzourah weekend in Kansas City. Along with Sir and the Mad Librarian from Bertflex, HMW, Miss Head, and myself will all be in KC for the Royals/Cards games on Saturday and Sunday. Yes, I said "Miss Head". Trust me, between waaaay too much RBI Baseball, my unhealthy obsession with Mizzou and the St. Louis Cardinals, the fact that I created a MySpace for a blog, and at any point she could walk in the door and find me covered in BBQ sauce reeking of Budweiser and looking like the Michelin Man beat the hell out of me and yet she has no questions, I wonder how she's stuck around this long. To this point, I say to the naysayers that there has to be a higher power.

If you're heading to either game, hit us up with an email at bullyforoldmizzou@gmail.com, and I will let you buy me a beer. For Saturday's game, I believe HMW robbed Jesus of his seats, because we are in Sec 102 behind home plate for a sold out game. As far as Sunday's game, Sir has volunteered to turn tricks for five tickets. We did get an email from someone named "Denny Matthews" saying that he's definitely in for some Sir ho-action, but Sir is still questioning the validity for some reason. If you spot a crew of shitty t-shirt jersey wearing idiots (Brian Barton, Kyle McClellan, LaRue, other shitty jerseys) come up and say 'hello'. It's us.

He failed to mention the inevitable sexual harassment lawsuit by the Mad Librarian. Will the defendant be Sir or me or both? What's Vegas saying?

Later mangs.

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