Orange Juice Mayo is Bad for Bizness

The NBA gets a well-deserved lack of respect here on the BertFlexes, and oddly enough, so does the stock market. We've never been confused for big time financial wizards here ($22 on a Kyle McClellan t-shirt, $45 for a plug on baseball-reference.com, etc), so stocks and "money management" kind of get neglected for bacon, violence, and stuff I saw on TMZ.

But let's kill two birds with one stone here. On Thursday morning (about seven hours before the NBA draft) Nike announced that they signed USC dropout O.J. Mayo to wear their shoes, do commercials, and possibly file some Q2 paperwork for an undisclosed amount.

The result? Nike stock drops $6.47 and finishes at $59.50. Way to go jerk.

Insert your own "O.J. killed ___" jokes here. Looking at you Jim Rome fans, go ahead, do it.

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Anonymous said...

Ironic that he's on the cover of "Dime" magazine?