Mission Accomplished

All is right with the world. We head out to Kansa-shitty, and bring back two wins for you guys. Uh...yer welcome.

We've been talking about making the trip to see some Cardinals/Royals action for a long time now and it finally came to fruition. How about a well deserved round of applause for Big Head for doing the coordinating, and to Miss Head for the hotel hookup.

You'll be able to read my recap of the trip on Tuesday's insideSTL column, and some more thoughts (regarding us) that probably ought to be saved for our little site. I don't think too many people care about the Mad Librarian's possible appendicitis/vertigo/scurvy/the clap/whatever she had over the weekend due to an overwhelming amount of BBQ on Saturday. To her credit, she toughed it out like a champ and is safe in the comforts of her home, away from Sir and I for a while.

I'll post the iSTL link when the article is done, which will hopefully be written later today when my fo'head isn't bumpin'. Also, Big Head has a bunch of pictures, mostly involving gross jerseys and me flexing my right gun. So it'll be like all of our other pictures, just more recent.

PS. Check out this article from Friday night. Who's this fuckin guy? Let's add the Aboulhalkahthhrgherh curse to the B-Flex dictionary. (Yeah I punched my keyboard there, cuz I'm the fuckin' man)


Anonymous said...

fuckin' skanks

Anonymous said...

JLR Curse must be in the iSTL article.