Callin' You Out: Old People

I've been putting off my licence plate renewal, for uh, 29 days now, and today I was finally able to take the morning off work and take care of bizness.

First things first: I had to get the all-important safety and emissions test. Doesn't the government know that "Dangerous" is my middle name? You know, Hazelwood's Prestigious Ass Kicking Dangerous Bacon Sauce Most Wanted.

Then I got to the DMV at 12:30 in the afternoon. Left at 1:50.

Side note #1: Okay, I realize a) it's my fault for going on the last day of the month, and b) it's even dumber to go in the middle of the day.

Howevuh, the only people at the DMV at 12:30 should be the working crowd. Judging by the looks of everyone (at least 100 people while I was there), not many of them were working (see: old people, some stoners, hoosiers, etc).

Side note #2: I also realize that going to the DMV on Lindbergh isn't good because it's a well-known fact that people in Hazelwood don't work. Even though this DMV is in Florissant, it's close enough that it draws plenty of attention from the H-Wood crowd. I am a rare bird in the fact that:

1) I'm from Hazelwood
2) I work full time

Back to the story...I spent an hour and twenty minutes at the DMV, mostly because of stupid old people being there during lunch time. The picture above is what the first two rows of seats looked like today. As you can tell, I was pissed. Old people are supposed to be there at 6 am, not when people (who still have jobs) are in a hurry during their lunch hour. I'm sure my boss didn't mind me strolling in there after 2 pm for a half day.

As I told the Mad Librarian earlier, this is reason #937426052795 to hate old people. I know none of them will read this, since we're only on the internet thing, so feel free to print this out and shove it in your grandparents' faces later this year during Thanksgiving or Christmas.

If any of you jerks have dumb comments about me being a dumbass, I'm startin' a fight.


Mad Librarian said...

I haven't been in a fight since, uh, Sunday, so let's do this: Going to the DMV on the last day of the month is pretty dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Business Man's Special at the DMV?

sir said...

Callin' You Out: Mad Librarian... who'd you fight sunday? I was there for everything but the drive home and I do not remember any fisticuffs, unless you decked some dude on your morning walk.

Anonymous said...

i went to shake her hand after the ride home, she pulled her hand back, and gave me a stone cold stunner on her driveway. i didn't want to talk about it, so thanks for bringing it up.

Anonymous said...

**in best Jim Ross voice**


The Good Face said...

Say this for old ladies: They're up for anything. N-E-thing...

Mad Librarian said...

Uh, dude, your mom's behavior is not indicative of all old ladies.