j15 edm0-4ds is a cub, rE-8lly?

So how long is it going to take until we hear "Louuu, it's tooo collld out here. I can't playyy todayy." Or "why haven't they cut this grass stuff off the outfield wall yet? Louuu?"

My take is that it's 100% obvious now that it was the right move to trade Jim Edmonds over the offseason. Luckily the Cardinals brass don't listen to the old ladies too much, although Dewitt & Co. were in this jam because of their own stupidity. The two-year deal after the '06 season was horrible judgement. I doubt that Edmonds was pushing the team hard to give him two years, I'm sure he would have been happy with them just picking up that option for '07. But I'm just a dumb blogger, ruining society with my click clacking on the computer machine, don't listen to me.

As for the Cubs, technically this is a low-risk signing, but at the expense of Felix Pie, Matt Murton, and the newly acquired (and useful) Reed Johnson, it's dumb...if you want slightly more analysis, read below. Being a Cardinal fan, hey we love ya Jimmy, but we are fully expecting you to take down the Cubs from within. Hopefully when the Cubs are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, Edmonds will rip his jersey off, revealing a Cardinals shirt, completing the best heel turn of this decade.

I love hearing reaction on the Edmonds signing from our friends to the north. Maybe our resident Cub fan Big Sandwich will weigh in later this week, or Sir since he is in the heart of the furious Chi-town bloggers right now:

Ivy Envy - But if Jim Edmonds wears blue pinstripes, I will root him on. It’s going to be hard for me to stomach. Besides Barry Bonds and AJ Pierzynski, Jim Edmonds is probably my least favorite player. He is playing so poorly that he was cut by the worst team in baseball, but apparently Jim Hendry has a plan. Like they say, Jim “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. We’re scoring runs just fine.

Chicago Cubs Blog - Hendry, will Edmonds do anything that Felix Pie can’t do? Who cares if Pie is struggling at the plate, at least he isn’t trying to play center field with bum legs like Edmonds is doing.

I don’t like the move one bit, and a lot of other Cubs fans that I have talked to think the same way. What do you think? Would a Cubs jersey burn right off of Edmonds when he put it on?

Goat Riders of the Apocalypse - Since Edmonds is the newest Cub, he shall be designated as a rookie for the duration of the '08 season (even if real rookies later join the squad). Consequently, he shall be forced to wear women's garments on all road trips, and he shall be taunted and bullied before every game. ...come to think of it, this is not unlike his normal routine.

Hire Jim Essian - Jim Hendry, you’ve done an awful lot of dumb things in your tenure as the Chicago Cubs’ general manager. You signed Neifi Perez a couple of times. You thought Shawn Estes belonged in a starting rotation. You traded Kyle Farnsworth right after a crap year instead of right after a good year. You ate that whole cheesecake that had been sitting out on the counter for a week, even though I told you that the top shouldn’t feel slimy. I’ve forgiven you for most of those things. But so help you God, if you sign Jim Edmonds, you are dead to me.


Big Head said...

I can see a Cards rape job on the horizon with Pie. Bud Smith (and Polanco thrown in for garbage!) for Scott Rolen, TJ Matthews for Mac Wire, Bottenfield for Edmonds, Dream Weaver for a pack of Marlboros...

Hawksworth/Hoffpauir for Pie? I may even part with Rasmus for Pie if it was straight up.

hazelwood's most wanted said...

i wouldn't give up rasmus unless the cubs add last year's top pick josh vitters into the deal - because a) he's good, and b) the eventual josh "shitters" talk from Sir Pellegrino.

that said, i'm pretty sure the cubs front office has all 314 area code numbers blocked to prevent such deals from happening.

Big Head said...

Crush Duncan, Ankiel, Pie in the OF. I'd take that.

Juan Encarnastyon and Izzy for Pie? Ernie Broglio is somewhere smiling.

I'm avoiding all Josh Shitters talk. He may have came out of the womb with the Pellegrino Curse.