An Internet First

Yesterday at work, I partook (partaked? English is dumb) in an enlightening discussion regarding Africa. More specifically, we were discussing sub-Saharan Africa – at which point, it occurred to me that you never hear about the other half of the Cradle of Civilization: Uber-Saharan Africa.

The Mad Librarian and I confirmed this with a quick Google search (pictured somewhere around here). In the entire history of the Internets, no one had used that phrase. Until now. The next time someone googles "Uber-Saharan Africa," we're gonna dominate that search.

BertFlex: Re-shaping the Way We Think About Stupid-Ass Shit.

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Mad Librarian said...

Our discussion of inadequate food distribution in sub- and uber-saharan Africa is "stupid-ass shit," is it? Sounds like someone's a little racist.