Random Tidbit from Tonight's Game

It was just a random May game vs. the Pirates, but none other than former Cardinal reliever/closer Mike Perez was in the house tonight. I heard him on the radio, and he still lives in St. Louis. Somebody find his address, so I can get him to sign my Mike Perez baseball card collection. I was pretty high on Perez back then, and thought for sure those cards would have made me a rich young man by now. This one (1993 Upper Deck) is easily my favorite. I know it's hard to see the ol' "holding my own card pose" but this is the best I could find. The photoshop back then was top notch.

(update): Listening to Perez at Shannon's after the game, evidently he works with MLB now. Doing even more digging for you, according to the Post-Dispatch, he was talking to Yadi about his little meltdown Monday night:

On Wednesday, baseball official Mike Perez, an assistant to Bob Watson, the leagues’ vice president for rules and on-field operations, met with Molina to, as Perez said, “get his side of the story.”

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Anonymous said...

Mike Perez signing the Mike Perez card. One of the classics, only behind Fuck Face.