Mommas, Don't Let Your Daughters Hang Out With patakas

Earlier today, I was looking at the Cardinals fan photo section on stltoday.com. It's usually a lot of baby pictures, or a dog wearing a Cardinals hat, or an out-of-focus shot taken from row 452. This time, however, there was a picture of a hussied-out girl ... and then another ... and another.

Whoever patakas is, he is somehow able to get his picture taken with the best Quadruple-A hotties the StL and Greater Metro area have to offer. You can look for him at Michael's before the game, or in the Coca-Cola Club at the stadium. You'll know him by the Rob Deer moustache.

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Anonymous said...

maybe bertflex should change to a hot-chicks-in-slutty-cardinals-gear format. we need more posts like this, good face, keep it up.

i don't know what's more sad though: that you like to look at the fan photos on stltoday, or i like to read the sound off letters in the post? they are both unhealthy habits, and bad for our blood pressure.