Worse Day: Roger Clemens or Barry Zito?

It's been a busy day in the world of erstwhile big-shot starters.

First, the New York Daily News reported that Roger Clemens had an affair. With a country singer. Who looks like this (granted, she used to be hotter). Did I mention that the NYDN alleges that the relationship started when she was 15 years old.

Meanwhile, Barry Zito has brought shame to John Mayer fans everywhere by pitching so shittily that even the Giants have decided that he is best used in small doses out of the bullpen -- $126 million contract be damned.

So you've got to ask yourself: Who would you rather be today? A controversial Hall of Fame candidate who is suspected of steroid use, adultery, and/or the de-flowering of a minor? Or an overpaid, highly flammable John Mayer fan?

It's a tough call.

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